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  • Math Expression Editor Light is the .NET WinForms editor of mathematical formulas that can be customized to fit your needs. You can configure the appearance, the behavior and metadata.
  • Occasionally, some mathematical expressions are clearly split into subexpressions. Sometimes, this view is more convenient.
  • The designtime metadata editor allows you to remove standard and add your own mathematical functions. It is very easy to do.
  • If a component is nothing to display - it can display your text.

Math Expression Editor Light 1.2  is both a mathematical formula editor  and mathematical object environment in one component. The product allows the end user to edit mathematical expressions in your .NET product. You can perform computations, print and save the data to a database or a file using the component. The component has many options: you can customize a font, metadata, colors, a layout and a color of the palette.
    If your application performs mathematical calculations, or you need a math editor - this product is specially for you.

Mathematical model
    The mathematical model of MathTree allows to perform a large number of mathematical transformations. You can substitute your own values and calculate. The independent mathematical model offers many options for implementing system: you can implement multithreading or on a remote server.
It`s very easy to add math functions and processors!

Import and Export
    The component has several variants for importing and exporting. You can save mathematical expressions into a string or a blob, and then store them to a database or a file. The image of a mathematical expression can be saved to a file or a clipboard.

Metadata editor
    The component has a friendly integrated design-time metadata editor. You can make a list of functions available to the user. You can also add your own mathematical functions and configurate their appearance on a mathematical palette without writing a single line of code.

Math palette
    Mathematical palette is an essential element of the user interface which helps the users to input mathematical expressions. You can choose your own style of the palette, the color, behavior, the layout and the composition of mathematical functions. The palette has an integrated tool for decorating.
    Add your own buttons on the math palette! It is simple!

    The component has tools to control the appearance, through which the component is easily combined with any user interface. You can choose the style of the frame and the mathematical palette, coloring options of mathematical formulas and the background. You can embed your images, set the font or layout formulas. Single-and multi-line formulas are supported by the component.

This component - is 100% using C# programming language and it is fully optimized for .NET Framework.

The component can be installed into the following IDE:

  • Visual Studio 2003
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual Studio 2012
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