Chedit 1.0 is a collection of .NET WinForm components which provides advanced charting to your applications. The component can be bound to a variety of data sources such as relational databases, C# and VB arrays and many others. A total control for the look of your charts is provided by fine tuning properties of axes, grids, labels, data sources, etc.

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Chedit Main Features

Chart building through some points

You need only some points to create a chart. The component itself calculates the function and displays a chart. End user can set and move each point and the chart will change at the same time. You can specify the behavior for each point.


Compatible with MEEL

Chedit component is fully compatible with Math Expression Editor Light (MEEL). You can choose Math Expression Editor Light or use the data stored by the component. At the same time Chedit can be used as a data source for MEEL.


Flexible Chart Modelling

The appearance of any details of the user interface can be set using the appropriate property. You can use the standard templates, and you can change your graphics out of all recognition.


High speed

Chedit won`t slow down your application. This easy solution does not contain 3D engines. All 3D effects are realized by means of 2D.


Design - Time Modeling

Chart modelling is a easily process. Design-Time Wizard allows you to create complex charts without coding. Many complex charts can be built entirely in the wizard without a single line of code.


The component can be installed into the following IDE:

  • Visual Studio 2003
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Visual Studio 2010

This component - is 100% using C# programming language and it is fully optimized for. NET Framework.